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Our mission is to help you, as a Pilates beginner, to be able to move through your day pain free and in an improved manner. With regular use of the Pilates reformer and the CoreAlign you can increase your core muscle strength and the strength and flexibility of your joins. For most beginners this will mean that your back and other joints can be better supported and more flexible. Leeds Pilates Centre is a fully equipped specialist Pilates studio in north Leeds and we work to improve all beginners health conditions regardless of age, gender or physical ability. We will tailor an individual programme of Pilate exercises for you and these will focus on your own health needs and goals. You will perform your exercise programme on the remarkable Allegro 2 reformers and the CoreAligns which are all imported from California. Importantly you will always be working at your own pace and you will never need to worry about maintaining the pace of a group.

Our studio offers an exciting range of Pilates equipment, including three CoreAlignTM units from California. Leeds Pilates Centre's modern and spacious studio provides a complete Pilates workout. Since 2002 we have been exclusively dedicated to reformer based Pilates and we have been rated and named as one of the best Pilates studios in the UK. Leeds Pilates Centre operates as a pay as you go equipment Pilates studio and there are no monthly or annual membership fees.

If you are thinking about local Pilates sessions in the north Leeds area, then we hope that you will take a few moments to consider the Pilates reformer focused Leeds Pilates Centre located at the superb Leeds Parkway Hotel with ample free parking.

Strengthening your back and your core 

With regular use of the Allegro 2 reformer you can maximise the health benefits of Pilates by performing exercises that will be functional, progressive, safe and pain free. The controlled stretching means less risk of injury and because the exercises are low impact there is less risk of damage to muscles and connective tissue. Regular use of the the Allegro 2 reformer, which features the world's first moveable foot bar, can result in reduced joint pain, improved posture and balance, greater core strength and better joint strength and flexibility. It can help with a range of health conditions including chronic back problems, osteoarthritis, sacroiliac pain, neck and shoulder problems, osteoporosis and many others. See more reformer exercises >>

Improving your core strength and stability 

The CoreAlign was specifically designed to build core strength and this in turn improves the support for your back. As most of the exercises are performed standing you should also notice a rapid improvement in your balance and posture. The CoreAlign delivers results and both Pilates beginners and first time users will feel the difference after just one session - but in a nice way. Most of the exercises are unique to the CoreAlign and cannot be performed on any other apparatus. This is truly a 21st century exercise system that can work for you.   See more CoreAlign exercises >>


Since the 1990's, novice and returning beginners to Pilates in Leeds have made us the studio of choice for reformer Pilates in the North Leeds area. We list below the best excuses that we have heard in the last 20 plus years for not wanting to become a Pilates beginner.

1) I wouldn't know any of the exercises and everyone would be looking at me.

A) Whether you are a novice Pilates beginner or are returning to Pilates classes following a break, you will almost certainly learn some basic exercises during your One - to - One initial assessment. On joining your regular class you will then be learning more customised Pilates exercises specific to your own needs and goals as you progress within the group at your own pace. Because the other clients in your group will be following an individual programme of their own, they will all be focussed on their own exercises and they will not be interested in watching others.

2) I'm out of shape and I'd need to lose some weight before I can start Pilates.

A) It is not necessary to get into shape or to lose weight before joining a Pilates rehabilitation class. Indeed due to the likelihood of you not having been able to move freely during recent months or even years, it is common for beginners to Pilates classes to be out of shape or overweight. As your physical health and your overall condition improve you can benefit from increased mobility and activity in general which can help with weight loss.

3) It looks like it might hurt and it looks challenging.

A) There are hundreds of Pilates rehabilitation exercises but there is not one that hurts. As a Pilates beginner you will start with very gentle exercises that involve a low level of challenge. As your supporting muscles become stronger you can gradually increase the level of challenge. You will begin with simple but effective exercises that specifically target your own health condition or goals. As a Pilates beginner you will not be asked to perform exercises that would be too challenging or too difficult for you.

4) I'm too old and not as flexible as I used to be.

A) Pilates classes are suitable for all age groups and all fitness levels. We have clients that are in their 20's and also some senior clients in their 80's. As we get older our joints generally become more stiff and Pilates exercises can be of great benefit. For the over 50's and over 60's, loss of joint flexibility can be a problem. We now generally live longer and are often working past the normal retirement age. Pilates can help to make us more flexible which in turn allows us to be more active and can give us a better quality of life.

5) I could only do once a week and I don't work regular hours anyway.

A) Most Pilates beginners attend for a single session each week. Some clients with several health conditions may attend multiple sessions but once a week is by far the most common. While it is usual to be part of a group that meets on the same day and at the same time each week, it may be that you work irregular hours. However it is quite possible for you to attend different classes each week and your teacher can confirm this. For instance you could attend 2 different sessions on alternate weeks and days - ie. Saturday morning one week and Wednesday evening on the alternate week.

6) I'm too busy but I'll start when I have more time.

A) Life today is more demanding of our time we are all busier than ever. However in order to maintain this often hectic lifestyle it is important that we maintain reasonable overall body strength and some level of flexibility. We are all deserving of a small amount of tension relieving time each week and Pilates can be the ideal activity of choice.

7) I can't join a Pilates class halfway through. I will wait until a new course starts.

A) Our Pilates sessions run on an ongoing basis so beginners can join at anytime as long as there is a space in the group. With classes generally limited to just 5 clients it is quite easy for beginners to move smoothly and successfully into a class. Because everyone is following their own bespoke programme you will not have to worry about keeping pace with the rest of the group.

8) Pilates looks complicated and I'll never be able to remember the exercises.

A) Rehabilitation Pilates is not complicated. There are indeed a great many exercises so it will never be boring but it is not complicated. As you gradually develop your own bespoke exercise programme you will learn each new exercise at your own pace. Each Pilates exercise is a combination of controlled movements and each new exercise that you learn becomes part of your personal programme which you will be practicing it on a regular basis. Like riding a bicycle it may look complicated but really it isn't.

9) Pilates is only for women and it's overrated.

A) When we opened our first Pilates studio at the end of the 1990's we indeed saw very few men. Some of our earlier multi teacher workshops often had just one or two men in a group of 25. Today in our small groups it is closer to 50 / 50. And whilst It is certainly rare to hear or read any negative comments about Pilates it is certainly not overrated. Pilates is often the go to solution for back pain relief and also for improving core strength. It can also be suitable for many other health conditions. Peoples expectations are high, and rightly so.

10) I don't need to lose weight.

A) Joseph Pilates' original clients in his New York studio were mostly dancers and of course these we certainly not overweight. Today many clients begin Pilates as back pain sufferers or come with hip, knee or other joint problems. Months or years of restricted movement can often lead to unwanted weight gains which means that today we see many more Pilates clients that are overweight. You can lose weight if you wish but it is rarely the only reason for starting rehabilitation Pilates.

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