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Equipment based Pilates is an excellent rehabilitation system which can help you to prevent further or recurring problems. Some of your exercises would be performed on our aptly named Pilates reformer or clinical reformer. New visitors to our website often view the reformers with apprehension however all of your exercises will be pain free, low impact and most importantly relevant to your condition. Leeds Pilates CentreThis means that that there is less risk of re-damaging muscles and connective tissue, resulting in improved joint strength and mobility. Our rehabilitation clients usually work on a 1 : 4/5, teacher client ratio. Large group classes are usually too general in their format for rehabilitation work and therefore are often not effective.

Joseph Pilates developed his holistic approach to exercise more than 80 years ago. His emphasis was focussed on professional dancers and athletes, who often sustained injuries which could prevent them from continuing their current professions. Today however, following the success of Pilates over many decades, the medical world now fully understands the benefits of Pilates and it is now widely recommended for rehabilitation. At Leeds Pilates Centre we continue to work closely with GP's, specialists and health professionals.

Since opening our first Pilates studio at the end of the 1990's our focus has always been on equipment based Pilates. Our experienced teachers have helped clients with the rehabilitation of; joint replacements, neck and shoulder pain, muscle and joint pain, back pain, scoliosis, repetitive strain injury and golf related issues. We have also had success with several multiple sclerosis clients.

If you remain unsure, we invite you to speak with a teacher, watch a studio session or speak directly with a client.

Quite simply it works.

Pilates Convert

Following my second back surgery at 33, my physiotherapist insisted that I contact Ian with a view to starting Pilates. I started to notice an improvement in approximately 4 sessions. Now my life has resumed normality. I have returned to work part- time with a view to returning full-time over the next couple of months. Pilates will definitely be a life long friend.
- Linda McGhee, IT specialist IBM Global Services, Leeds.

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